herlitz quality

All herlitz schoolbags meet highest quality and manufacturing standards. Our models undergo different durability tests and are inspected by strict criteria.

Materials and manufacturing

Our schoolbags are made of durable and water repellent polyester fabrics and are manufactured by hand with utmost care. Each schoolbag is equipped with stable clasps and zippers that open and close easily. The high quality ensures that everyday demands are easily met.

High-quality clasps

Some of our models are equipped with high-quality magnet clasps, with and without integrated reflectors, made by the quality brand Fidlock . They open and close very easily. The smooth running system of our robust click-locks with integrated reflectors are also easy for children to use.

Water repellent impregnation

The water repellent coating provides the schoolbags with a reliable protection against water and moisture.


Due to our high quality standarts, we offer a 2-year warranty on all herlitz schoolbags.

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