The Herlitz Rookie is a practical, handy backpack for the little ones with a weight of just 200 grams with one main compartment and two mesh side pockets with elastic bands.



Its breathable, ergonomically shaped back padding, adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable chest strap make it the perfect comfortable companion for the kindergarten or leisure time.



You can't go wrong with the Herlitz Rookie, which weighs less than 200 grams. The backpack for the little ones is not only comfortable to wear, it also offers enough space for everything that matters in kindergarten or preschool.

rookie turtle lightweight
Unter 200g
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Let kids be kids!

We are packing a schoolbag for the first day of school and take with us: Some curiosity, a lot of courage, a delicious sandwich and of course a lot of fun! In order to support children on this adventurous path, we are constantly working on making our schoolbags a little better.