The herlitz Ergonomic System

Back-friendly schoolbags

Children wear their schoolbag about 175 days a year. Their bones and spine are still growing and are less stable compared to adults. This said we believe the most essential feature of a schoolbag is a back friendly wearing comfort to make sure your child's back has the best future prospects as possible!

Ergonomic and breathable back paddings

Our ergonomic back paddings offer the perfect support for your child's back. Their perfect balance between thickness and strength provide soft and supportive wearing comfort. Our back paddings are made of breathable, high-quality material.

Individually adjustable systems

When developing our ergonomic systems, we are supported by the latest market trends, the most recent findings of ergonomic experts and the direct feedback we receive from children and parents.


The ergoActive®-system

Integrated in the herlitz Motion

The ergoActive®-system:
The special feature of this ergonomic system is the infinitely variable adjustment of the back panel system. Its adjustability allows the schoolbag to fit the child's individual body size and it is what makes the herlitz Motion the perfect companion in your child’s first years of school.

This is how it works!

Loosen the upper adjustable shoulder strap!

Loosen the middle Velcro® fastening!

Loosen the Velcro® padding of both outside sections and shift the system individually! (S-M-L-System)!

Tighten the Velcro® fastening & press on the padding!

Put on the bag, fasten the waist belt, adjust the upper shoulder straps and fasten the sternum strap!

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The Ergo ES2® system

Integrated in the herlitz Flexi + Bliss

The Ergo ES2® system:
The Ergo ES2® system is an ergonomic back system with a three-stage vertical height-adjustment. Its easy handling ensures a trouble-free modification and that the schoolbag will fit the child's body size. This allows the schoolbags to grow along with your child.

This is how it works!

Loosen the Velcro® fastening and pull out the flap.

Choose the height that fits your child best.

Pull the flap through the three loops above it and close the Velcro® fastening.

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For a perfect fit

Adjustable shoulder straps ensure ideal wearing comfort of all models

The shoulder straps can be adjusted in length, very easily and single-handed by pulling at the bottom end of the shoulder straps. This adaptability ensures high wearing comfort, despite the type of clothes your child is wearing. Some models even offer an additional regulation option in the upper area of the shoulder straps that allows you to fit the schoolbag to the individual body size of your child.

The adjustable chest straps of the herlitz schoolbags enable a perfect weight distribution.

The chest strap is adjustable in height and can easily be set to fit your child's body size. The chest strap also provides stability and helps to regulate the shoulder straps by preventing them from sliding off of your child's shoulders.

The waist belt of the herlitz Motion distributes the weight of the schoolbag.

The detachable waist belt shifts a proportion of the schoolbag's weight from the shoulders to the upper, rear pelvic region and thereby allows additional back relief.


5 tips for the perfect schoolbag fit

  1. The schoolbag should not be exceedingly wider than the shoulders of your child.
  2. Mind a close fit of the schoolbag to the body of your child.
  3. The top edge of the schoolbag should end at shoulder height.
  4. The bottom edge of the schoolbag should end at waist height.
  5. Regularly adjust the child's shoulder straps. Keep in mind that your child is constantly growing!

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