herlitz Schoolbag Collection 2020

Great designs for girls and boys

We from herlitz know that children love great designs with exciting features! That is why we develop a wide range of new designs every year and we decorate these with high-quality extras such as glitter effects, embroideries and 3D applications.


Find your design!






herlitz Motion Pink Cubesherlitz Motion

Pink Cubes

herlitz Motion Blue Cubesherlitz Motion

Blue Cubes

herlitz Flexi Spring Horsesherlitz Flexi

Spring Horses

herlitz Flexi Butterfly Dreamsherlitz Flexi

Butterfly Dreams

herlitz Flexi Robo Dragonherlitz Flexi

Robo Dragon

herlitz Flexi Formula 1herlitz Flexi

Formula 1

herlitz Midi Magic Horseherlitz Midi

Magic Horse

herlitz Midi Rainbow Butterflyherlitz Midi

Rainbow Butterfly

herlitz Midi Pink Cubesherlitz Midi

Pink Cubes

herlitz Midi Motorcrossherlitz Midi


herlitz Midi Formula 1herlitz Midi

Formula 1

herlitz Loop Glitter Butterflyherlitz Loop

Glitter Butterfly

herlitz Loop Power Horseherlitz Loop

Power Horse

herlitz Loop Dino Jungleherlitz Loop

Dino Jungle

herlitz Loop Comic Heroherlitz Loop

Comic Hero

herlitz Bliss Purple Butterflyherlitz Bliss

Purple Butterfly

herlitz Bliss Unicorn Nightherlitz Bliss

Unicorn Night

herlitz Bliss Pink Heartsherlitz Bliss

Pink Hearts

herlitz Bliss Monster Truckherlitz Bliss

Monster Truck

herlitz Bliss Blue Dinoherlitz Bliss

Blue Dino

herlitz Smart Melody Clefherlitz Smart

Melody Clef

herlitz Smart Unicorn Nightherlitz Smart

Unicorn Night

herlitz Smart

Pink Butterfly

herlitz Smart Formula 1herlitz Smart

Formula 1

herlitz Rookie Unicon Nightherlitz Rookie

Unicorn Night

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